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The Sales Cycle

The Sales Cycle: The core of Sales Logic, it's a snapshot of the opportunities and activities through the entire sales process.

The 4 Stages

Stage 1: Opportunities Stage 2: First Appointment Stage 3: Proposal Appointment Stage 4: SOLD

All those blocks are Cycle Entires. Each one will include your client's name and contact info. If it's an appointment, it will indicate the date and time of the appointment. Everything you need is right at your finger tips. Not every opportunity will result in a sale. Therefore, it is crucial to keep a lot of opportunities in your funnel in order to meet your sales goals.

Built-In Coaching

Sales Logic is designed to help you improve. Built-in coaching will automatically color-code your Cycle Entries to encourage you when you're doing great, to indicate when you need to take action on something, and to minimize distraction by dimming out declined appointments. All of this happens automatically, to intuitively help you make the most of your opportunities.

Green: New This Week Yellow: Over A Week Old - Take Action! Red: Requires Your Attention Grey: Declined Appointment

Your Digital Office

Sales Logic is web-based, so you can use it on any device with a modern web browser. Your connection to Sales Logic is secure and all of your contacts and appointments are available to download to your computer in standard formats: vCard for contact info and VCS for appointments, allowing you to easily add them to your address book and calendar software.