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Sales Logic Reports: Are you doing your very best? Our reports will answer that question. And if you're not, they'll show you the areas you need to focus on, empowering you to take your skills to the next level!

Manager's Report

Meeting Team Goals Needs Improvement

Our Manager's Report is an incredible tool that helps managers coach their teams to equip them for success. By highlighting areas where the team goals aren't being met, managers are able to determine the specific areas of weakness so that coaching and training can be focused in the right places. The Manager's Report shows the entire team's activities in real-time to give managers up to the minute information about the team's performance.

Chart Your Progress

We've got great individual reports too! You can chart your progress with our Cycle Snapshot Report, which will show you an end-of-week snapshot several weeks back. And our weekly report will give you an overview of how you're doing this week. With these powerful built-in coaching tools, you'll know exactly what areas you need to focus on in order to improve your sales performance. Sales Logic helps you be more productive, more focused, and empowers you to hone your skills to perfection.